‘A hard worker’

“Jeff and I worked together for a number of years at Foster-Miller, Inc., and I found him to be a hard worker who would dig deeply into understanding a market and a customer’s needs in developing a program.”

—Dr. James Dill, vice president, Foster-Miller, Inc. (now a division of QinetiQ North America)

‘Undaunted by challenges’

“I've worked with Jeff for nearly 10 years. He's a very accomplished technical executive who pays careful attention to both the engineering and the business details of the enterprises in his charge. He's completely undaunted by enormous challenges. I recommend him highly, especially to small business needing experienced and technically astute help.”

—Dr. Tony Aponick, vice president, Foster-Miller Inc. (now a division of QinetiQ North America)

‘Able to open new markets’

“Jeff is an innovative researcher, able to collect and analyze market information coherently. He is able to open new markets effectively."

"He is also a joy to work with, having a superb sense of humor, and a balanced attitude about life.”

—Leslie Gray, director, Morgan Group LLC

About Dr. Everson

Prior to forming this autonomous vehicle consultant practice, Dr. Jeffrey Everson was director of business development for QinetiQ North America’s Technology Solutions Group (previously Foster-Miller, Inc.).

Dr. Everson has been the principal investigator for collision warning systems for automobiles and inner-city transit buses. These programs were awarded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). For his work on developing a collision warning system for inner-city transit buses, Everson was the first U.S. Department of Transportation contractor to win an SBIR Tibbetts Award.

Previously Dr. Everson held senior scientist positions at Battelle Memorial Institute, The Analytic Sciences Corporation (TASC), Honeywell Electro Optics Systems Division, and Itek Optical Systems Division.

He holds a PhD in physics from Boston College and a MS/BS in physics from Northeastern University.


For more information about how JHEverson Consulting can help your company with autonomous vehicles, please contact Jeff Everson.

JHEverson Consulting is based in the Boston area but consults for clients throughout North America.