Oil & Gas Lobbying (i.e., Influence Peddling)26 Feb

My recent blog post noted that Oil & Gas has profited considerably from their donations to political campaigns in contrast to Alternative Energy that did not fair as well based on  their unimpressive campaign contributions. This posts summarizes follow up activities to campaign donations, namely lobbying (i.e., “I donated money to your political campaign. Now that you are elected, here is what I want.”)

Although there is nothing new about lobbying per se, lobbying by Oil & Gas has reached epic proportions as indicated in the table below. This table only lists lobbying expenditures in excess of $1M for 2012, where as the total lobbying for that year amounted to more than $138M with 195 Oil & Gas organizations seeking tax and regulatory favors. There were a total of 764 lobbyists. This data was obtained from OpenSecrets.org.

Lobbying (i.e., influence peddling) could be greatly reduced if those in Congress were elected for only one term (e.g., 6 years), along with stringent campaign spending limits. There are such limits in Canada, and without them or something similar in the United States, a smaller, critical industry (i.e., Alternative Energy), will be less likely to achieve independent commercialization status. Germany and China certainly recognize this reality in the Alternative Energy space.

Table: Oil & Gas Industry Lobbying in 2012



Royal Dutch Shell


Exxon Mobil


Koch Industries


Chevron Corp




American Petroleum Institute


Occidental Petroleum




American Fuel & Petrochem Manufacturers


Williams Companies


Anadarko Petroleum


America’s Natural Gas Alliance


Ivanishvili, Bidzina


Marathon Oil


WPX Energy


Apache Corp


Noble Energy


Chesapeake Energy


Oxbow Corp


Phillips 66


Spectra Energy


Independent Petroleum Assn of America


Interstate Natural Gas Assn of America


Cheniere Energy


Kosmos Energy


National Propane Gas Assn


Devon Energy


Hess Corp


Sunoco Inc


Murphy Oil


Tesoro Corp


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